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Indianapolis, IN 46208

Faith Center Church 
1634 E. Minnesota St.   
Sundays at 11:00am  •  Wednesdays at 7:00pm
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If ever there was a ministry of service, Jesus Inside Prison Ministry is it. For nearly 34 years, JIPM's founder, Pastor William Bumphus, has been going into prisons and helping prisoners turn from lives of crime to lives with Christ.
During that time, Pastor Bumphus has travelled to prisons in and outside Indiana preaching the Word to tens of thousands of offenders. Over the years, a great number of men have been born again, released from prison, and are living productive lives; thanks to God having called William Bumphus to His service as an Ambassador of Christ to prisoners.
Both William Bumphus and his wife, Juanita, minister to prisoners as well as many in children's homes and at missions. They both serve the congregation at the Faith Center Church in Indianapolis where William Bumphus is Pastor.
In addition, the Lord has placed a burden in the heart of Pastor Bumphus to help prisoners make successful transitions from prison life to productive lives in the general society. As a result, The Jesus House was born and began accepting recently released prisoners during 1998, the first in August.
All these areas of ministry are completely dependent upon the support of donors willing to help financially. No chaplain, warden, or prison has any budget to help.
We need your prayers and your financial support
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