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Dr. William Bumphus

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From a life of crime to a life in Christ, the Anointed One!!!


I began a life of crime at a very young age. I began stealing on purpose at the age of 13. I stole cars and did burglaries. I drank every day and took a few pills.


At the age of 17, I was arrested and sentenced as an adult to the Indiana State Farm which is now called the Putnamville Correctional Center in Greencastle, Indiana. I learned more about crime there and upon my release, I continued my life but was only worse. I got hooked on mainlining heroin and cocaine.


I was arrested 23 times and served time in three more prisons before my criminal life ended. I served time again at Putnamville, Terre Haute Federal Prison, and finally at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Indiana. Every prison I served time in, I spent time in the hole. I didn't believe in Jesus and definitely did not believe the Bible.


Finally, while facing a possible 60 year sentence, I heard the truth. I heard that God loved me just as I was and that He had a plan for my life. I was told that if I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, He would work a miracle in my life. In that jail cell, I asked Jesus to come into my life. He did and He gave me a miracle.


I was miraculously released from prison after serving ten months on a four year sentence! I now travel across the country preaching in prisons.

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